The Jogger; the devil sold his soul to me

trust me

The Jogger.


It’s a bright an sunny, and I’m on a mission today. After a little warm-up of stretching, I tuck my tail into my jogging pants, and slowly start running towards my destination. The birds are chirping and the butterflies are happily whirling around. It is wonderful to start the day along the water in the sun with a little bit of exercise. After the bridge to the right i past the small shipyard of the village. And when I run past the small harbor I stop at the restaurant behind the kitchen to see that 2 teenagers are fishing there. You have caught some fish boys, I ask, when they turn their heads towards me in shock. I see the larger of the 2 throwing a packet of tobacco into the bushes. I see a little panic arise in their eyes, and teasingly ask if they have a fire for me. Euh no no we don’t smoke mister, we just sit here fishing. I know who they are and I ask them about their little brother.

the rest of thestory read here the jogger

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