Spanish War. professional asshole, the devil sold his soul to me

Spanish war


It is warm when I take a large bite of my frikandelmayo sandwich on the terrace of a Dutch person with a snack bar in the South of France. You would think that if you live in the beautiful south of France you would rather enjoy all those delicious dishes they serve here. Well, I can tell you that when I’ve lost 2 and a half pounds of the stress and nonsense that I’m causing and having in my head. A nice greasy bite of a Dutch snack is a good recommendation to keep plodding around a bit full and satisfied. I am tired and have not slept very well in the last few weeks. My head full of shit and unresolved trauma and fantasie cravings, that’s not crossed off my Greg list just yet. Angry at everything and everyone and the whole world. Just like I used to when I was about 16 or 17 years old. But mainly because I am angry with myself for not being able to control my impulses properly at the moment.

Spanish War read the story, de devil sold his soul to me

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