The Lobbyist.

The Lobbyist.


Where is he now I mumble, and look at my Breitling and see that he’s been making me wait for more than half an hour. Bastard I think when I light another cigarette and squeeze the empty packet into a wad. I have an appointment with the councilor of the council and this is a big thing that I must not screw up. It is already 10:30 pm and I really have to leave because I really can’t miss that appointment. And I feel a little bit trapped in a bad movie because of some of the decisions I’ve made. The heavy curtain in front of the door is pushed aside and see that my dealer has just entered the bar, and he is looking around to see if he can find me. We make eye contact and he comes to the back of the bar where I sit at a table in a niche. He was quite convinced that I had to wait for him when I called him for an order. And this time it is not only mine but someone else. I would never order that much for myself and of course he knows that. His look is angry when he sits next to me instead of opposite me.

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