Introduction of a stranger, the devil sold his soul to me

introduction of a stranger. 

It is dark and it rains softly when I am still half drunk and coked up with a thick joint between my fingers walking through the wet grass.
After a deep inhale on my blunt, I fill my lungs with smoke and let my longs impregnate with tar-filled THC so that I feel a bit more relaxed.
My feet are wet and I am very moody and depressed and the alcohol and coke didn't really help me with that.
My direction forces me to jump over a ditch, so that I reach a path and do not have to walk all the way back trough that fucking wet grass again.
What the fuck am I walking here, how the hell did I end up here.
In the distance is a big tree, and because I'm getting tired of that shitty rain, I decided to sit there for a while.
A big cloud of smoke leaves my lungs when I sit down and sighs as my body starts to protest softly after a long weekend of dealing, partying and using drugs.
While I refill my lungs I see in the distance a dark figure walking in my direction through the moonlight.
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