“Hey” Just look at that guy sitting there. The devil sold his soul to me.

“Hey” Just look at that guy sitting there.
“Hey” Just look at that guy sitting there.


Just look at him dude, just left his young wife and two children because she had cheated on him.
It seems as if he is walking right off a Schlager festival, with his striking blouses, waistcoat, a curly hair and a mustache on his lip.
He starts a small masonry business, drives a BMW and thinks that the whole world belongs to him.
And always partying, expensive food and going out, and hanging out in pubs.
A Young boy what a show-off in his long trousers, blouses and gold jewelry.
Then look at those ridiculously large gold earrings in his ears, he now looks like a pirate.

read the rest of the story here thedevilsoldhissoultome.com/english/

Gepubliceerd door project33rudi


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