The Lobbyist. The whole story, The Devil Sold His Soul To Me.

The Lobbyist.


Where is he now I mumble, and look at my Breitling and see that he’s been making me wait for more than half an hour. Bastard I think when I light another cigarette and squeeze the empty packet into a wad. I have an appointment with the councilor of the council and this is a big thing that I must not screw up. It is already 10:30 pm and I really have to leave because I really can’t miss that appointment. And I feel a little bit trapped in a bad movie because of some of the decisions I’ve made. The heavy curtain in front of the door is pushed aside and see that my dealer has just entered the bar, and he is looking around to see if he can find me. We make eye contact and he comes to the back of the bar where I sit at a table in a niche. He was quite convinced that I had to wait for him when I called him for an order. And this time it is not only mine but someone else. I would never order that much for myself and of course he knows that. His look is angry when he sits next to me instead of opposite me.


“Hey” I stutter a bit unhappy because I can’t look at him completely. Hmm, I hear next to me, than to be told that he should keep an eye on the door while he wanted to talk to me. Who is the big order for, he says while he looks to me with 2 big angry blue eyes. Euh euh I stutter again, euh I have the money with me. That’s not the point because I’m still getting 3 thousand more from you, and if I thought you didn’t have any money with you now, I wouldn’t be here. No no I say to my dealer, that 3 thousand I also have with me. I know that he growled, who is it for. Uh uh I can’t really say that dude, I know you understand that, I try to convince him. I feel a chill through my spine as he slowly turns and pushes a hand against my throat and begins to squeeze. “Who is it for?” He growls between his tightly pressed jaws. I start to panic slightly and feel him squeeze so hard that my arteries on either side of my neck are no longer getting a supply of blood.


Okay okay okay I sputter out and get a little air again, okay okay. Last time who is it he snarls, the alderman I sigh, the alderman. My head is on my knees, he’s 1.85 and almost 100kg and full of the steroids, and he’s still getting money from me. He pushes a bag into my side, and I take the envelope of money from my inside pocket. Thanks I whisper as he gets up to walk away. He turns around and I see that his face is completely different now. With a big grin he says “have a nice evening friend” and winks at me when he leaves the bar. Jesus a totally different guy, strange. If I don’t want to be late, I have to hurry up and empty my glass. I put the bag in my deed bag and hurry to the hotel where I have my appointment with the councilor. This is my chance to advance in my work as a lobbyist. After this I can go to The Hague for the real big money, and from there to Brussels. If I can arrange this assignment for that contractor through the councilor, I will go nationwide.


I step into the elevator and press the button for the hotel’s penthouse suite. I hear the bell of the elevator when it stops on the 8th floor, and look startled when the doors slide open. 4 scantily clad women walk into the elevator talking, as I press myself into the corner of the elevator. I feel like I’ve seen them before I think as the elevator continues its way to the penthouse. On that party off ? The bell rings and the doors slide open on the last floor. That party where my dealer was also with those guys from the Hague and pole dancers and whores. Shit it seems like that guy is everywhere. The door of the penthouse is open and all 5 of us walk in the room where there is a lot of talking. The women spread out among the different guests, and I see if I can find the councilor. Excessive laughter from the kitchen catches my attention. And before I can go there, a hand on my shoulder stops me. There you are finally I hear from behind me, and the reason why I am here is immediately clear again.


Alderman I say and turn around with the biggest smile, Alderman how are you. Well well you have it with you, you have it with you he repeats nervous and sweaty. Yes yes calm down I got it and put it the rest of the bag after I got my share out. Here it is, I put it in your pocket, and I press against his side. Nice and beautiful man, then we’ll talk about the papers later, I just have to meet a few people. He turns to a group of people where 2 of the previous women who were in the elevator with me also standing. Like a child is so happy with his hands up, the young Alderman walks to the group, and pulls 1 of the women by her arm to a room at the back of the penthouse. The woman looks at a giant of a guy, and he gives a nod of approval, after which she giggles along with the Councilor. I suddenly think this guy is, fuck i remember…. That’s the pimp who shot his girlfriend and mother-in-law, and is now free again. I look around and see at the dining table the large contractor, his son and a well-known LCC construction consultant.


If tonight succeeds, if tonight succeeds then everything will be fine I think and walk towards the big table. Heeey calls the local contractor’s son, heeey there we have the star lobbyist of the region. Well arranged man well arranged, and that’s why we have a surprise for you in that little room there. And he points to the room where the alderman just entered. In the Alderman’s room I say surprised, no superstar in the next room. Not a whor…. and i stop saying the name off her job a whore. I just got married man, I stutter at everyone at the big table. What happens here stays here, we are all adults anyway, the contractor says without looking at me. A big hand on my shoulder forces me to turn around. It is that giant who nodded to that woman, shit I forgot his name is running through my mind. Go on boy I’ve heard from… and he whispered my dealer’s name in my ear. I have heard that you are going to be the new wonder boy in The Hague.


Well now I try to sputter, and feel his hand pushing me towards the room. A bit forced and with a slight panic I slowly go towards the room and look again when I get to the door. The whole room looks at me and cheers as I open the door and get ready to go in. It is very dark when I am inside and I have trouble adjusting my eyes when I hear a voice from my left whispering. “come here young man” My legs touch the iron edge of the bed and I feel a warm hand take mine. It is 1997 a city near the coast in South Holland.

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