The Jogger, full story, The Devil Sold His Soul To Me.

The Jogger.


It’s a bright an sunny day, and I’m on a mission today. After a little warm-up of stretching, I tuck my tail into my jogging pants, and slowly start running towards my destination. The birds are chirping and the butterflies are happily whirling around. It is wonderful to start the day along the water in the sun with a little bit of exercise. After the bridge to the right i past the small shipyard of the village. And when I run past the small harbor I stop at the restaurant behind the kitchen to see that 2 teenagers are fishing there. You have caught some fish boys, I ask, when they turn their heads towards me in shock. I see the larger of the 2 throwing a packet of tobacco into the bushes. I see a little panic arise in their eyes, and teasingly ask if they have a fire for me. Euh no no we don’t smoke mister, we just sit here fishing. I know who they are and I ask them about their little brother.


They look at each other and shout tough, who are you dude. I smile and say goodbye and wish them a good catch and continue my jogging route. I start a sprint when I run along the meadows with just released cows. Those cows love to be allowed straight out of the barn into the meadows. The end of the path is approaching and I have adjusted the pace a bit to be able to cross the busy road. When I look to the other side on the middle verge, I see, while I am hopping to keep moving, a few children handing out something to each other. I am almost at my destination and see that I can cross. I slowly start to cross so that a few cyclists can continue, and I can continue my route. I jump over the fence that ensures that the street where I need to be is a dead end. I squeeze between the double-parked cars that have been parked against the fence. The children playing in the distance begin to behave and move strangely. I don’t see any adults and I’m going full speed towards the group of children.


Some start to scream and others walk towards a door of a house, I run and pull my fastest sprint. Only 1 boy of the group of children is still on the sidewalk, when I have arrived exactly at my destination. Coughing and with his hands to his throat, the little boy shakes his body anxiously. He gurgles for air, he is choking. No one around, and I grab him by his tiny little ankles. That little guy hangs upside down in the air with an almost blue face. I give him a good punch on the back and shake him well, when eventually a large black licorice the size of a big coin shoots out of his throat. Aaaaaah the kid gasps for air again and starts crying. His normal color returns, and with the crying he gets enough air again. After all the commotion has disappeared, I see a woman in the corner of my eye walking in my direction with waving arms. You bastard what are you doing there with my son she yells at me.


A man who has just walked up shouts to that woman that I just saved her son from suffocation. Mother fucker mind your own business, fuck off. The woman continues to scream angrily as she pulls hard on the little boy’s arm. Swearing and screaming, she drags him on, and it looks like she’s angry at him for surviving. Stuppid pussy kid always something going on with you, you are just misery, she yells

No kid not today, not today, hold ona little longer.

It’s still to early I whisper.

It is summer 1976 in a village in the south Holland.

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